Coding with Robots

Coding with Robots


Date: 7/29 to 8/2

Time: 1 PM to 4 PM

Pre-requisite (recommended): Animation using Scratch

Finch robots are tiny USB-powered robots that were developed specifically to learn programming. While these robots can be controlled from programs written in almost dozen languages, we are going to use MIT Scratch – it enables Elementary kids to write a few simple programs for the robot to move around, sense obstacles & light, play tunes etc.! Then, we will look at another sophisticated robot called Scribbler – it is suitable for a wide range of programming skills. In addition to light-seeking, object detection, object avoidance & line-following, it can do art-work: place a Sharpie marker in the pen port and it will draw as it goes around! We will use the Graphical User Interface tile-based programming tools. Finally, we will look at Sphero robotic balls – they enable us to bring several math and science concepts to life!

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